Out-of-the-box, or baked from scratch.

We haven’t met a process yet that we can’t automate. From simple to complex, Kinetic Data can streamline any workflow to dramatically increase productivity and performance.

Templated solutions for productivity ASAP.

We kept running into similar customer pain points. So we built templated enterprise business solutions designed to give fast relief for the biggest headaches. Then refine as you go... ultimately reaching full digital transformation.

  • Solution frameworks get you up-and-running fast
  • Pre-built with the most commonly used tools for each use case
  • Extend and refine to meet specific workflow needs
  • Solutions for any industry, team or department


Unleash the power of self-service

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Create seamless transitions in the talent lifecycle
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Deliver in-person service that gets rave reviews
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Team processes we’ve tamed.

  • Case management
  • Field service management (dynamic scheduling, planned maintenance)
  • Service management for issue resolution
  • Surveys
  • Customer service portal
  • Approvals & notifications
  • Technical support requests
  • System access
  • Problem management
  • Change/release management
  • Asset & cost management
  • Surveys & assessments
  • Resource management
  • Server/hardware provisioning
  • User provisioning
  • Hardware lifecycle management (e.g., workstation management, certificate rotation)
  • Talent lifecycle management (employees, vendors, contractors, interns; onboarding/new hires, offboarding, rehires, moves, leaves of absence, transitions)
  • Employee service center
  • Employee document management
  • Case & knowledge management
  • Scheduling & meetings
  • HR self-service
  • Internal surveys
  • Performance reviews
  • Benefits change request
  • Employee referrals
  • Contract writing & management standardization
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • Partner agreements
  • Field service management
  • Maintenance requests
  • Asset tracking (e.g., furniture, lighting)
  • Building management – buildout
  • Facility service management (e.g., cleaning, repairs)
  • Training requests
  • Scheduling training
  • Event management
  • Surveys
  • Capital expenditure requests
  • Purchase requests
  • Travel expense requests
  • Vendor & contract approvals
  • Payables/receivables automation
  • Customized product requests
  • Discount authorization
  • PR approvals
  • Standardizing contract writing & management
  • Marketing collateral changes/approvals
  • Customer referrals
  • Managing materials & document requests

Solutions in action

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