The Kinetic Platform & Components

Kinetic Data Workflow Automation Platform

Workflow Automation at Scale

Kinetic Data helps developers and architects answer thorny constraint-riddled workflow problems with confidence. Using both low-code and pro-code capabilities along with a portfolio of platform components, only Kinetic Data is purpose-built to run towards complexity challenges to further your business.


Build, Iterate and Scale

Workflows change over time. Easily copy, modify and experiment all without losing the integrity of in-flight workflow actions.


Accelerate Data Collection

Highly flexible, logic-driven forms capture the right data for the job to be done, once, and with high integrity.

Build Workflows the Way You Work

Forget the rigid, old ways. Modern workflow follows your business process. Every time. 

Quickly Integrate Anything

Extend existing systems of record - CRM, HR, IT, you name it. We have hundreds of integrations available via our pre-built library. Copy and make it yours, just like your workflow.

Unique Blend of Framework with Flexibility

We excel at automating human-centric interactions for high volume, complex, compliant-minded enterprises. We do this through a unique set of modules designed for your business process optimization.

Gather, share and validate data - eliminate errors and reduce cost. 
Deliver best-in-class experiences while driving productivity, slashing costs and increasing reliability.
Transform your organizational processes with automated, reliable - and complete - workflows.
Schedule processes ahead of time, reducing cost and errors while improving overall time to complete.
Manage tasks and task assignments for greater visibility to status, outstanding items and reminders.
Prebuilt library of integration options - use what you want how you want it - with no incremental costs. 

For CIOs:

Enable digital transformation at every level of the organization. Turn chaos in calm and reduce friction to manageable levels. 

Support a platform for business groups that scales, is secure and flexible - with your blessing!

"What we needed was a Swiss army knife. Kinetic fits that perfectly for us, along with a business model that is pro-customer friendly. "

- CIO at Fortune 500 enterprise

For IT Directors:

Solve thorny, complex workflow requirements with lower total cost of ownership. Unlock value by embracing and extending your existing tech stack.  Pursue a better tomorrow with Kinetic. 

"Other systems we considered had pricing models that weren't university-friendly. Their licensing is based on the number of customer users, which would be virtually infinite for us considering future applicants and alumni - absolutely cost prohibitive.... All roads led us to Kinetic Data."

- IT Director at a 30,000+ collegiate student body University

For Business Analysts:

Discover the low code to pro code flexibility of Kinetic. Pre-built integration library means you'll finally create workflows that hand off between systems (and works!) at scale. Satisfy stakeholders and seek new projects. 

"When it comes to providing our services seamlessly to customers we want them to come to the Request screen and feel like they’re not actually leaving their environment.  They are confident that their requests will be filled."

- Business Analyst at Fortune 1000 enterprise

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