Tappin’ the KEG at Kinetic Enthusiasts Group

Mar 6, 2012 12:00:00 AM | Tappin’ the KEG at Kinetic Enthusiasts Group

Kinetic Enthusiasts Group's Closing Session Poem

By Brett Norgaard

You came from near, you came from far.
You came to KEG…and went straight to the bar.
Learned more ‘bout The Cloud from “Mr. Astute”.
Who said, “Time to get goin’—time to reboot!”

He spoke of The Cloud—The Perfect Storm.
Things were a changin’—no longer the norm.
Go forth to the sessions, tis thee time to act.
To management or to the technical track.

Handlers, Bundles, Bridges, and KURL.
Presentations, a panel—my head’s starting to whirl.
Be consistent, if you’re not, you’re dumb…
“If you don’t mind your ‘clutta,’ you’ll get bit on the bum.”

Someone even used KURL backwards – L’RUK.
We all scratched our heads, but it wasn’t a fluke.
While Derick lectured on Darth Maul and Darth Vader.
The Aussies spoke of the “down unda Kinetic Datar.”

But now it’s Friday and our KEG has run dry,
From this point on, when we look to the sky…
We’ll see The Cloud and think differently…
Your business. Your process. — Go Confidently!

Tom Pick

Written By: Tom Pick