BMC ITSM7 Incident Retrieve Version 1


Name Description
{name=Incident Number:, value=The incident number of the ticket to retrieve}

Sample Configration

Name Description
{name=Incident Number:, value=}


Name Description
{name=Direct Contact Person ID, value=}
{name=Direct Contact Department, value=}
{name=Direct Contact Organization, value=}
{name=Direct Contact First Name, value=}
{name=Direct Contact Last Name, value=}
{name=Direct Contact Company, value=}
{name=Vendor Resolved Date, value=}
{name=Vendor Responded On, value=}
{name=Priority, value=}
{name=SLM Status, value=}
{name=Service Type, value=}
{name=Status, value=}
{name=Next Target Date, value=}
{name=Resolution Category, value=}
{name=Reported to Vendor, value=}
{name=Original Incident Number, value=}
{name=Generic Categorization Tier 1, value=}
{name=Owner, value=}
{name=Vendor Ticket Number, value=}
{name=Owner Support Company, value=}
{name=Owner Group, value=}
{name=Assigned Group Shift Name, value=}
{name=Assigned Support Company, value=}
{name=Assignee, value=}
{name=Assigned Group, value=}
{name=Reported Source, value=}
{name=Incident Number, value=}
{name=Entry ID, value=}
{name=Priority Weight, value=}
{name=Impact, value=}
{name=Urgency, value=}
{name=Resolution, value=}
{name=Detailed Decription, value=}
{name=Contact Company, value=}
{name=Person ID, value=}
{name=Categorization Tier 3, value=}
{name=Categorization Tier 2, value=}
{name=Categorization Tier 1, value=}
{name=First Name, value=}
{name=Last Name, value=}
{name=Organization, value=}
{name=Company, value=}
{name=Description, value=}
{name=Direct Contact Internet E-mail, value=}
{name=Status_Reason, value=}
{name=Site, value=}
{name=Product Model/Version, value=}
{name=Manufacturer, value=}
{name=Product Name, value=}
{name=Department, value=}
{name=Product Categorization Tier 3, value=}
{name=Product Categorization Tier 2, value=}
{name=Product Categorization Tier 1, value=}

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