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Build, Iterate & Scale Complex Workflows with Confidence


Kinetic Data automates your most vital processes to unlock revenue, reduce costs and maximize technology investments. 

Workflows Built The Way You Want

  • Tackle complex, thorny workflow requirements
  • Integrates with any system and application
  • Orchestrate business processes at scale

Perfect for Human-centric Workflows

  • Design pixel-perfect UX/UI
  • Create consumer-grade digital experiences
  • Facilitate automation with end user intent

Surpass Low-code Only Limitations

  • Evolve from rigid to innovative
  • Iterate at your own pace
  • Future proof with unopinionated architecture 

Never pay for a single user. Guaranteed.

Whether you build or interact with the Kinetic Data platform, there's no user license charge. Ever. 

Kinetic Data No User License Guarantee


Build workflow automation at scale 

Automate the steps that occur based upon certain events to fulfill a request. Build efficiency anywhere in the organization, from provisioning to work orders, from data accessibility to downstream utilization. It's your process, improved. 

The Results Users Achieve with Kinetic Data

Don't take it from us. Listen to what our satisfied users have to say about the success they're having with Kinetic Data. 


Service Orchestration. Enabled.


Trigger Workflows

  • Begin workflows from a smart portal.
  • View in-process requests, see status updates, find past submissions.
  • Consumer-grade design triggers multiple system interactions from a single place. 

Benefits: Streamlined processes, immediacy of answers, reduced manual touch points. 


Robust Forms Engine

  • Quickly design simple to complex forms with our low-code builder.
  • Easily create 10s or 100s of forms with context and logic for the user, without the maintenance headaches to manage and support.  

Benefits: Interact anywhere, centralize communications, streamline processes.  


Scale Automation

  • Assign, transfer or modify work to individuals for completion.
  • Remove manual processes that hinder speed to completion and build operational excellence through self-service capabilities.  

Benefits: Real-time access to information, create efficiencies and provide better value. 

Business Process. Enabled.


We believe in the power of business processes that drive revenue growth and transformational change. 


If your needs include combining flexible operational requirements with the complexity built into your process, we're the perfect fit. 



What Sets Kinetic Data Apart

Kinetic Data is a leader in Business Process Management on G2
Kinetic Data is a leader in Business Process Management on G2
Kinetic Data is a leader in Business Process Management on G2

Leading organizations trust Kinetic Data to enable

ingenuity and innovation 

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