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Utility JSON To CSV

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This handler makes some assumptions about the format of the JSON structure. It expects an array of objects to be the value of the root of the JSON object. In the example below the root object has a label of "table", this label is arbitrary and unused by the handler. This handler also expects the array of objects to contain only simple objects, not nested arrays or nested objects.


Below is an example of a JSON input string and the corresponding CSV output generated by this handler.

JSON Input { "table" : [ { "a" : "animal", "b" : "boat", "c" : "car" }, { "c" : "cat", "d" : "dog" }, { "e" : "eel" } ] }

CSV Output a,b,c,d,e animal,boat,car,, ,,cat,dog, ,,,,eel

Name Description Sample
JSON The JSON String to be converted to CSV
Name Description
CSV A CSV String that was converted from the given JSON

UtilityJsonToCsvV1 (2010-05-24)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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