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Exchange Appointment Create

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This handler uses the Exchange Web Services (accessed through the Viewpoint ruby gem) to delete an existing appointment. After configuring the API to connect to the server, the appointment will be created and the handler will return an id that can be used to access the newly created appointment at a later time. Any errors encountered will be caught and re-raised by the handler.

Name Description Sample
username The username for the Exchange account.
password The password for the Exchange account. *********
server_address The address for the Exchange server, including the 'https://'
enable_debug_logging Enable debug logging if the value is set to 'Yes'. No
Name Description Sample
Subject The subject of the new appointment. Test appointment
Location The location of the new appointment. East Conference Room
Body The body of the new appointment. Conference call number is 999-999-9999
Start The start of the new appointment in the format 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss'.
End The end of the new appointment in the format 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss'.
Manually Enter Time Zone? Yes is you want to manually specify a time zone. No if you want to pass times in UTC.
Time Zone Name If manually entering a time zone, select the time zone from the list
Required Attendees A comma separated list of email addresses that should be required to attend the appointment.
Optional Attendees A comma separated list of email addresses that can optionally attend the appointment.,
Send Invitations How meeting requests are handled. Must be one of 'SendToNone','SendOnlyToAll','SendToAllAndSaveCopy'
Name Description

ExchangeAppointmentsRetrieve_V1 (2012-08-15)

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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