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Handler · Version 5

Kinetic Request Answer Create

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Name Description Sample
Submission Instance ID Submission Instance ID - <%=@dataset['OriginatingID']%>
Survey Template Name Survey Template Name
Answer Value Answer value
Question Label Question Label
Name Description
Entry ID

kineticrequestanswer_create V5 (2015-12-18)

  • 5.2 version. Handles 5.2 unlimited answers.

kineticrequestanswer_create V4 (2015-9-4)

  • Fixed issue with not handling templates of the same name across catalogs

kineticrequestanswer_create V3

kineticrequestanswer_create V2 - Revised (2013-2-25)

  • Corrected issue with AnswerViewer fields failing update when answer is greated than 255 characters.

kineticrequestanswer_create V2 (2012-3-18)

  • Changed parameters to accept Question Name rather than Question Instance ID
  • Updated Creation routine to also update Base record if the Question is Mapped.

kineticrequestanswer_create V1

  • Initial version. See README for details.
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