Kinetic Request CE Submission Clone Version 1


Name Description
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered.
Space Slug The Space the submission is being retrieved from (defaults to info value if not provided).
Original Submission Id The id of the submission being updated.
State The value used to set the submission state.
Overridden Values A JSON map of field names to values that should be set.
Current Page Name Set the current page name.
Current Page Navigation Set the current page navigation.
Origin ID Set the origin ID.
Parent ID Set the parent ID.
Type Type of Submission (overrides forms type).

Sample Configration

Name Description
Error Handling Error Message
Space Slug
Original Submission Id 02edc019-e553-11e5-9c32-351e42075226
State Submitted
Overridden Values {"Text":"TestFromAIPOverwrite"}
Current Page Name
Current Page Navigation
Origin ID
Parent ID
Type Approval


Name Description
Handler Error Message Error message if an error was encountered and Error Handling is set to "Error Message".
Submission ID Id for the new submission that was cloned.

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