Kinetic Workflows

Control Complexity. Execute Brilliantly.


Transform your organizational processes with automated, reliable – and complete – workflows powered by the Kinetic Platform.

Design your process visually, quickly, easily and completely. Kinetic enables workflow orchestration between multiple systems for a true end-to-end experience. 

SIMPLICITY. Intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow builders are both low-code and pro-code.

  • Clone workflows & routines to begin or extend a process, modify as needed
  • Accommodate any business logic using common programming language
  • Integrate with any system to automate data transfer

CONTROL. Don’t change your process; create workflows around how you currently operate.

  • You choose how the process executes: in parallel, serial or a combination of flows
  • People- & system-based workflows work the way you need them to
  • Add conditional expressions & parameter values to drive process execution
  • Collaborate in real-time using discussions
  • Change information mid-flight to avoid lost time & unnecessary re-work
  • Leverage attributes within workflow to align with specific requirements

CONFIDENCE. Unlike manual processes, you’ll be assured that no step will be overlooked.

  • Built-in workflow best practices set you up to succeed
  • Reusable routines streamline process updates across workflows
  • Insert contextual notifications for timely & detailed process updates
simple workflow1
A simple workflow visualized in Kinetic Data
complex workflow 2
Highly complex, cross-platform workflow example