Seamless transitions for all kinds of assets.

From employees to equipment, contractors to capital assets, Kinetic Data can help you digitally transform the onboarding of anyone and anything – reducing admin time and positioning your people for success.


  • Onboard / offboard any asset (employees, vendors, contractors, real estate, equipment & more)

  • Manage the entire talent lifecycle

  • Perform due diligence for security & compliance

  • Provision / de-provision technology resources

  • Establish asset values for accounting

  • Manage asset lifecycles

Eliminate silos and “swivel chairs.”

Open integrations improve collaboration across HR, finance, asset management, legal and external sources in a single portal – increasing visibility, improving data validation and enabling better decision-making.

User-friendly features.

Discussions allow users to collaborate and resolve issues / improve workflow

Mid-flight changes: At any point, user can update timing, personnel or location

Real-time visibility: Task management allows you to instantly check status of an onboarding request

Milestone notifications: Send alerts to candidate, manager, hiring manager, systems manager

Workflow requests: Can cancel / pause process to minimize unnecessary resource use; clone process to simplify & speed common requests

Confidence is built into the process.

Get peace-of-mind from knowing that your onboarding or offboarding process is comprehensive, compliant and secure.

Pre-configured forms & workflows get things up-and-running fast.

Onboarding Form

Robust features for everyone.


Talent Management Workflows

New Hire Workflows


  • Get common tasks underway before specific talent identified

  • Get common tasks underway before start dates are set

  • Finance-forward hiring:

    — Get finance functions underway before talent identified (speeds time from sign-on to engagement)

    — Initiate supplier due diligence and vendor creation


  • Follow up on status at weekly / monthly / quarterly intervals

  • Validate milestones have been crossed & talent is progressing as expected

Termination Workflows


  • Prepare for fast & efficient decommissioning

  • Get approvals completed & activity staged

Other Lifecycle Workflows

  • Re-hires / extensions

  • Transfers

  • Leaves of absence

  • Update employee records (e.g., name change, new role/department)

  • Change system access permissions

Vendor / Supplier Workflows
  • Manage supplier contacts

  • Perform due diligence to ensure proper contracts are in place / valid

  • Track talent by vendor: maintain lists of each vendor’s contractors

  • De-provision by vendor: remove access for all contractors associated with a vendor

Asset Workflows
  • Real estate acquisitions
    — Set up security service / protocols
    — Establish asset valuation

  • Technology resources
    — Track asset lifecycle
    — Establish asset valuation
    — Manage system setup
    — Manage data transfer / wiping
    — Decommission old assets


Flexible Workflow Processes
  • Include workflow best practices right out of the box

  • Can be modified to meet varied provisioning requirements

  • Equipment provisioning

  • Provisioning with IT & IT security

  • Orchestrate system access provisioning: activate / deactivate accounts

Profile Templates
  • Pre-configured profiles allow standard delivery of services: Active Directory, VPN, Shared Drives, Gmail, Slack, ITSM, training programs

  • Department-specific user profile templates

  • Location-based hiring profiles

  • All template aspects can be configured by location, role, etc.

  • Hiring managers can pre-select “hardware bundles” (e.g., office space, parking, security badge, phones)

Bulk Upload
  • Load lists of people, assets, etc. from spreadsheets

  • Apply profiles based on list

  • Run workflows based on list

Access Auditing
  • By user: generate audits for users or random users

  • By system: generate audits for programs, i.e.,
    — Who has access, who approved, how long they've had access
    — Validate users who have access; should they have access

Solutions in action.

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