About Us

Kinetic, adj. (kə-ˈne-tik): Related to motion and its required energy. Active, lively, dynamic, energizing.

Data, n. (dā-tə): Information used for decision-making.

Kinetic Data: A team of high-energy problem-solvers dedicated to helping organizations manage processes and make better decisions.

Who, what, why we are.

The industry-leading enterprise workflow platform from Kinetic Data automates complex processes and transforms organizations. Our low-code, flexible solutions improve service delivery, turning customers into heroes. For over 20 years, we’ve applied our ingenuity and passion towards creating new customer success stories every day.

Our promise: Own your workflow.

Kinetic Data solutions are designed to put you in control – like LeBron stealing and dunking on a fast break.
Kinetic Data gives users mastery over the complexity of their daily tasks.

Our guarantee: We ACTUALLY deliver.

You’d think everyone does, right? But Kinetic Data is commonly chosen because previous platform implementation attempts failed.

Our 5 core values.


For our work, our customers, our company


  Always publishing the best work we can do


We want customers to be heroes in their company


We perform at our highest level to contribute to the overall work and company values

We never compromise to make a sale; if our product isn’t right for your need,
we’ll steer you elsewhere