About Kinetic Data

 A little over 20 years ago, founder John Sundberg kept running into the same challenges at 3M. “Can you tackle this problem?” “How do we make that more efficient?” Software was conceived and written, applications were built, and the needs of the time were met. 
Soon thereafter, John set sail as an entrepreneur and consulting work poured in. Remedy customers came calling, looking for a better front end solution to complement their existing investments. And soon enough, there’s a set of product capabilities built based on customer asks just waiting to be set free to the world. 
Fast forward to today. Request management centralization and needs reigns supreme at virtually every Enterprise, School, government department, military institution and elsewhere.  The solutions conceived at Kinetic Data stand the test of time, ensuring forward-thinking clients have the tools they need in order to solve the most complex, perplexing problems inside their organizations. 
Kinetic Data sits in a unique position focused on three key themes:
  • A business model focused on customer success. It may sound trite, but our goal isn’t to take every available dollar from your budget. Rather, we exist because our clients save millions of dollars each year on process improvement, automation benefits and on licensing they don’t need, might only use once or twice a year, or worse, don’t even use at all.
  • Security, scalability and flexibility reign supreme at Kinetic Data. These “-ilities”, combined with many others (see blog) provide assurances to CIOs and CTOs that any application built to solve a particular problem will be able to handle growth throughout its life cycle when built on top of Kinetic’s platform.
  • Kinetic Data is the only enterprise request management platform, and by extension workflow platform or business process platform, that comes opinion-free. That’s right. Think of us more as a framework, destined to be your Swiss Army knife you’ll carry around everywhere, trusting in its problem-solving abilities. 
The DNA of the company is built on complementing existing technology solutions for some of the largest, most complex organizations you can imagine.  We don’t see that changing anytime soon. 
Team Kinetic Data.