Tech Bar

Personal service, amp'd up professionalism.

Tech Bar

Digitally transform any kind of personal service your organization offers. From IT to Human Resources, organizational wellness events and beyond, the Kinetic Data Tech Bar gives your team the tools to keep moving forward.

  • Schedule in-person, online and walk-in service
  • Schedule, perform and track field service activities
  • Increase efficiency of service fulfillment
  • Improve visibility and tracking
  • Get performance metrics to improve service delivery

Workflows targeted to the task at hand

  • Agents have visibility into upcoming appointments and work orders
  • Mobile friendly increases usage and adoption
  • Ease of use reduces training time and total 'paperwork' to complete a ticket
  • Configurable appointments mean agents only see necessary fields for the ticket to complete their work

Built in feedback loop for continuous improvement.

  • Integrations with ticketing systems, asset management, incident management and more 
  • Data population from existing systems to improve validation and reduce errors
  • Merge data from multiple systems of record to see lists of all activity in a single experience
  • Track outcomes and feedback via automated survey delivery

Advance Appointment Scheduling

  • Minimize wait time & lost productivity with prescheduled appointments

Appointment Notifications

  • Receive timely reminders to reduce missed appointments

Walk-Up Registration

  • Register for 'walk-up' service on arrival (where available)
  • Allows for tracking of walk-up vs. scheduled service to improve staffing resource allocation

Position in Queue

  • Can provide visibility into user's place in line on overhead screen (not included) at service center

Multiple Tech Bars

  • Set up separate locations or separate components within a location
  • Each tech bar can support specific purposes, operating hours & resources
  • Receive timely reminders to reduce missed appointments

Appointment-Specific Work Orders & Workflows

  • Each appointment type can trigger a specialized work order
  • Each appointment type can initiate a specialized workflow based on input data


  • Exit survey feedback measures user satisfaction
  • Supports continuous improvement & ability to meet service location goals

Resource Scheduling

  • Based on metrics, admins can adjust resource availability at service locations

Upcoming Appointment Visibility

  • Anticipate & prepare for upcoming service requests

User-Friendly Request Interface

  • Only displays fields related to the specific appointment type
  • Reduces time / effort in ticket completion
  • Offers visibility into previous appointments & services / steps completed

Update from Anywhere

  • Close tickets from the field
  • Request & check status from anywhere
  • Immediate updates give more accurate tracking

Short introduction to our Tech Bar Solution:

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