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Create and Manage Workflow Processes with Task Handlers

Kinetic Data is pleased to introduce Kinetic Task Community. Kinetic Task Community is a resource for technical and nontechnical Kinetic Task users that provides an easier way to properly start and complete task handler development. Existing task handlers can be downloaded from Kinetic Task Community to use out of the box or customized.

A Kinetic Task Handler is a module that performs a specific action used to automate a workflow process in Kinetic Task, our advanced workflow automation engine that offers complete workflow control and flexibility with its ability to easily configure a limitless number of tasks and approvals to manage processes ranging from simple to highly complex. Kinetic Task is bundled with Kinetic Request 5.0. Multiple Kinetic Task Handlers are added in Kinetic Task to create and manage workflow processes.

Kinetic Task Community provides existing Kinetic Task Handlers that are validated by Kinetic Data Task experts. Our goal with Kinetic Task Community is to grow as a resource to help Kinetic Task users collaborate with other users to create and share Kinetic Task Handlers.

If you are a Kinetic Task user who has access to a Kinetic Task Manager console, sign up for your free account today by clicking on the link below.

Kinetic Task Community—Start here to find shared Kinetic Task Handlers!

Key Benefits:

  • Allows technical and nontechnical Kinetic Task users to decide how to best implement Kinetic Task handlers in a workflow process in Kinetic Task.
  • Saves time and costs by downloading existing Kinetic Task Handlers; reduces duplication of effort by using Task Handlers out of the box or customizing them.
  • Offers a training resource, which provides Kinetic Task Handler samples that include documentation to ensure that you are creating handlers properly.
  • Offers information regarding how to develop your own handlers and how to interact with different platforms.
  • Provides a key resource for generating handler ideas. Check out existing Kinetic Task Handlers see what is possible in your environment.

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