Build a Smarter Supplier Experience

A smart supplier hub simplifies communication and provides complete visibility to your suppliers, to improve supply chain performance over every time horizon.

Streamline collaboration and more clearly communicate demand signals to your downstream suppliers through a single, centralized supplier hub, accessible any time from any device. Make it easy for suppliers to view short-, medium-, and long-term forecasts and keep everyone aligned with regard to pricing, delivery timeframes, and capacity.

Automate fulfillment of supplier requests. Update them on progress. Enable your supply chain planners to be more productive and to spend more time on strategic, high-value activities rather than fighting fires and expediting orders.


What is a Smarter Supplier Experience?

Better supplier experiences are delivered by a centralized hub, a smart supplier portal which acts a single pane of glass where suppliers can view forecasted demand over time, provide updates, submit requests, and complete routine tasks.

Suppliers get a simple, consume-level experience. There’s no need for training or “how to use” support, because the web interface is intuitive, clear, and easy. The smart portal provides visibility into demand forecasts by time period, plus the ability to collaborate, confirm transactions, and submit requests.

The supplier portal pulls in data from your different back-end systems to give suppliers easy, immediate access to invoices, delivery and payment confirmations, statements, contracts, agreements, and other legal and financial documents.

Benefits of a Smarter Supplier Experience

Reduce Costs

By centralizing demand visibility and automating workflows, the smart supplier portal reduces the need for manual touch points, multiple communication paths (email, phone calls, IM), and re-keying data into multiple systems—all of which increases efficiency and decreases costs.

Provide Real-Time Access to Information 

Changes to sales forecasts (made in CRM or sales force automation systems) or demand forecasts (in supply chain planning applications) are immediately and automatically reflected in the portal. Everyone is always working with the most current information, which helps avoid supply chain disruptions and other unpleasant “surprises.”

Improve Operational Performance

Giving your suppliers “self service” capabilities in terms of both getting their questions answered and updating their own information frees your supply chain team from administrative tasks and repetitive communications.

Streamline Long-Term Forecasting

Creating a rolling three-to-five year plan, and maintaining it with monthly or quarterly updates, is a key component of long-term planning in many organizations. 

A smart supplier hub simplifies this process by making it easy for your suppliers to see what’s changed on your end and what input they provided on their last update. Providing this visibility plus the ability to easily update their information eliminates time-consuming email communication and keeps your plan current in terms of supplier product and capacity planning.

Reduce Capital Expenditures

Improved long-term forecasting also makes it easier to plan capital expenditures for new plant and equipment in advance, so you can negotiate more favorable terms on firm-planned purchases.

Make Better Decisions, Faster

The smart supplier portal automatically pulls the latest information from your back-end systems to display, so your suppliers are always working from your most current data. It makes it easy for them to review, update, and submit their information, so your team is always working with the most up-to-date supplier data as well.

That enables both your supply chain planners and your suppliers to make informed decisions more quickly and with higher accuracy than they can today—which can translate into millions of dollars of savings.

Improve Product Lifecycle Management

Easily and automatically keep suppliers informed about new product development and end-of-life plans. Reduce the risk of carrying excess or obsolete inventory while ensuring sufficient stock to meet warranty needs.

How Kinetic Data Helps You Deliver a Smarter Partner Experience
With the Kinetic Platform, you can build a centralized supplier portal that provides access to complete and current sales and production forecasts while streamlining communications and managing processes from simple to complex. There’s no need to develop everything at once; you can start small with forecasts for your top-selling products plus some commonly requested documents, and then expand capabilities incrementally over time.
We are enterprise workflow automation. Here’s how we help you deliver a better partner experience.


Finding anything from forecasts by product to transaction records to legal documents is as easy as using Google. No matter what type of information a supplier needs or what input they have to review and update, they start with a Kinetic Data experience.

We don’t replace the systems of record you already have in place. We make them work better, together. You get a higher return on your existing investments in enterprise software, without the expense and disruption of a rip-and-replace project.

When you have a workflow process where data needs to be pulled from your PLM platform and put into your SCM system so that a task can be completed in one of your finance applications—connecting multiple systems and data moves is what the Kinetic Platform excels at. 

We combine logic (a smart portal) plus workflow (automating tasks and approvals with intelligent routing) plus integrations (mapping together complex systems) to improve the supplier experience.

You can assign security based on specific roles as well as suppliers so that each individual can see and do only what they need to. Providing limited and specific access enables suppliers to change data where permitted (e.g., updating order status or pricing) without giving them direct access into back-end systems.

You have complete control over the look and feel of your smart supplier portal, from your company logo to fonts, colors, and icons. You can even personalize the look of the interface based on the supplier login. It’s your business process, your way.

Low-code tools inevitably box you in with their limitations. The Kinetic Platform combines low-code, drag-and-drop functionality for building workflows with pro-code capabilities to get enterprise architects that last mile, to customize and configure that last 20% for exactly what’s needed, simple or complex.

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