Looking for expert support with building the foundation for your first product implementation, developing a segment of your project, or guiding you through a complex digital transformation?

Choose the service level that's right for you... no matter what, you'll get Kinetic Data expertise.

1. Project-Based: Defined Statement of Work

Projects with clearly defined outcomes are usually handled through a Statement of Work. This type of initiative involves up-front scoping activities, in order to provide accurate cost estimates. Projects are managed through a partnership between you and Kinetic Data to achieve the stated outcome within an agreed-upon timeframe.

2. As-Needed: Retained Services

Our Retained Services offering provides ongoing assistance as needed from Kinetic Data consultants. Depending on your needs, we will help you meet your objectives in any way you want. With the Retained Services offering, we can be there for you when you need us with access to a team of Kinetic Data experts.

Retained Services is designed to fill the gap in service between product support and a more formal project-based engagement.

3. Done For You

This all-encompassing offering enables you to get the most out of the Kinetic Platform without requiring additional investment in staff. Kinetic Data will communicate with your stakeholders to develop and evolve the Platform solutions your organization needs. This capability offers the best combination of thought leadership, process design and rapid delivery.

Kinetic Data’s custom-tailored “Done For You” services enable you to deliver on your organization’s promises.

Pricing is determined after a discussion on your needs and project scope.

Contact us to discuss which option is best for you: