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Overview: Provide faster and more reliable services to employees and reduce fulfillment costs by replacing cumbersome paper-based processes.

Solution: Kinetic Platform , Service Portal


  • Saved $120,000 in IT labor costs over three years.
  • Decreased submission request time from one day to one minute.
  • Cut request completion time from four to five days to one day.
  • Increased accuracy of user account requests from 75 percent to 98 percent.
  • Reduced average request approval time from four days to three hours.
  • Improved overall employee satisfaction with IT rating from 80 percent to 95 percent.
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Overview: Replace manual new customer onboarding with automated processes to reduce costs and accelerate time to value.

Solution: Kinetic Platform, Onboarding


  • Automated 80% of the onboarding process by building 22 standard service templates based on common customer needs.
  • Reduced the time and cost to onboard a new customer by 90%.
  • Developed process to implement a new customer onboarding portal in just a few hours instead of 4-5 business days.
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Overview: Simplify the IT service request process to speed service delivery and improve the customer experience.

Solution: Kinetic Platform , Service Portal


  • Reduced the time required for users to submit service requests by 80%.
  • Eliminated 95% of manual IT effort through process and approval automation.
  • Achieved 98.9% accuracy in routing requests and incidents to the right service group the first time, virtually eliminating misrouted tickets.
  • Increased customer satisfaction rating to 93%, with further improvement ongoing.
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Overview: Provide a fast, easy way for busy teachers to request IT services and to accelerate the resolution of IT support issues.

Solution: Kinetic Platform , Service Portal


  • Cut IT service fulfillment time in half by eliminating the need for phone or email follow-up.
  • Doubled the number of services offered through the IT service catalog.
  • Cut approval time from days to minutes by moving paper-based approval processes online.
  • Named a finalist for 2012 Award for “effective, efficient and innovative solutions in government.”
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Overview: Improve the employee experience with IT by providing an intuitive self-service portal for reporting issues and requesting services—from simple to complex—and by accelerating service delivery.

Solution: Kinetic Platform , Service Portal


  • Created all forms within 90 days, versus 18 months previously.
  • Cut by 50 percent the time required to produce new self-service Web forms.
  • Enabled changes to forms to be made in minutes, versus up to an hour.
  • Reduced fulfillment time by 50 percent.
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Overview: Lots of people are talking about improving quality and reducing costs in healthcare. CareTech Solutions--a provider of outsourced IT services for hospitals--is doing something about it. Watch this short video to learn how moving to online self-service for technology requests and issue reporting with Kinetic Request led to cost avoidance and productivity gains of $4.7 million in one year.

The Intersection of IT Outsourcing and Healthcare: How CareTech Solutions Achieved Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards Distinction (37:23)

Karl Graham, Senior Director of Customer Support, CareTech Solutions discusses how CareTech Solutions, an information technology (IT) services provider for hospitals automates their service request management system and grows their business and delivers best in KLAS with Kinetic Data's Multi-Tenant Suite.

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