Kinetic Platform:

Built for enterprise-grade organizations.

Kinetic Data's enterprise workflow platform was engineered specifically for organizations with high-volume, complex processes and stringent compliance requirements.

Increase productivity
Increase productivity
Enhance performance
Enhance performance
Minimize errors
Minimize errors
Expand capabilities
Expand capabilities
Improve compliance
Improve compliance

Whether you're running 10 or 10,000 different processes daily, the Kinetic Platform can lighten the load.

Digital Transformation.

Tangible Results.

The Workflow Tools in Your Belt

Low-Code, Evolved.


Continuous Improvement


Start with what you need right now... then improve, iterate, expand to solve your most pressing challenges. 

Our Four Pillars

1. FLEXIBILITY. Every feature of the Kinetic Platform can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Accommodate complex processes with loops, waits and recursion within workflows

  • Leverage javascript and css libraries to extend forms and improve usability

  • 100% customizable portals align with brand standards for a consistent user experience

  • Build your own plugins to integrate with home-grown or heavily customized systems

  • Authenticate using an identity provider via SAML, or build a custom authenticator

2. AGILITY. Start small, launch quickly, iterate and scale on-the-fly.

  • Low-code design empowers process owners to drive functionality

  • Low-risk delivery allows you to start small, generate value rapidly, then add functionality

  • Clone, modify and reuse workflows across the organization for faster deployment

  • Distributed management removes bottlenecks using rule-based security

  • Limitless platform scalability as needs expand and change, with no downtime

  • Reduced risk of change with the ability to easily revert to a prior process

3. OPENNESS. Built for the citizen developer and compatible with any other system.

  • Pro-code extensions fit the platform into your developer’s pipeline

  • Front-end decoupled from interfaces minimizes disruption with back-end upgrades

  • Unlimited integrations via APIs allow you to extend existing systems vs. replacing them

  • Modify your own interfaces for added control and speed of implementation

  • Future-proof with high built-in availability and no single point of failure

4. MANAGEABILITY. Own your workflow – drive your own process, pace and profitability.

  • Manage processes internally to control costs

  • Expand and upgrade at your own pace

  • Multi-tenancy reduces cost of maintenance and security

  • Asynchronous team collaboration helps resolve issues

  • Apply security models based on roles and functions (not just groups) to reduce admin time

Deployment Flexibility


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