Utility CSV To JSON Version 1

This handler assumes that the first row of values in the CSV input is a row containing the column names. An exception will be raised to stop a potential unsuccesful conversion if the first row has any blank values in it, if the first row has duplicate values in it, or if a particular row has more values than the first row.


Below is an example of a CSV input string and the corresponding JSON output generated by this handler.

CSV Output a,b,c,d,e animal,boat,car,, ,,cat,dog, ,,,,eel

JSON Output { "table" : [ { "a" : "animal", "b" : "boat", "c" : "car" }, { "c" : "cat", "d" : "dog" }, { "e" : "eel" } ] }


Name Description
CSV The CSV String to be converted to JSON

Sample Configuration

Name Description


Name Description
JSON A JSON String that was converted from the given CSV


UtilityCsvToJsonV1 (2012-05-31)

  • Initial version. See README for details.

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