ServiceNow User Update Version 1


Name Description
User Id Username of the person
Active Select this if you would like the user to be active immediately
Business Phone Primary business phone number for the user
Date Format How dates will appear to the user
Department Id Id of the department
Email Email address of the user
First Name First name of the user
Last Name Last name of the user
Locked Out Select this if you would like the user to be locked out at first
Mobile Phone Mobile/Cell phone number of the user
Password password for the user if needed
Password Needs Reset Select if you would like to require the user to reset their password
Time Zone Timezone used by this user
Title Title of the user

Sample Configration

Name Description
User Id john.doe
First Name John
Last Name Doe
Title Manager
Department Id 148128sd8f7871899sd98f
Password pass01
Password Needs Reset yes
Locked Out no
Active yes
Date Format yyyy-MM-dd
Time Zone US/Central
Business Phone 555-555-5555
Mobile Phone 666-666-6666


Name Description

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