ServiceNow Incident Update Version 1


Name Description
Sys Id ID value of the incident you wish to update
Category Category
Short Description The description of the incident to be created.
Impact Level The priority level of the incident to be created.
Urgency Level The urgency level of the incident to be created.
Contact Type Form of reporting the incident
Caller Id The id of the caller
Location Usually the caller's location
Configuration Item Id Configuration Item Id
Assignment Group Id The id of a group to assign this incident to
Assigned To Id The id of a person to assign this to

Sample Configration

Name Description
Sys Id 8c49f4f14f110300e7cd4fe18110c79b
Category (By Menu) Hardaware
Short Description Overheating CPU
Impact Level (By Menu) 1 - High
Urgency Level (By Menu) 1 - High
Contact Type Email
Caller Id <%=@results['servicenow_retrieve_sys_user_v1_1']['sys_id']%>
Location <%=@results['servicenow_retrieve_sys_user_v1_1']['location']%>
Configuration Item Id 00a96c0d3790200044e0bfc8bcbe5db4
Assignment Group Id 5d000ca93790200044e0bfc8bcbe5d8c
Assigned To Id 04a9a80d3790200044e0bfc8bcbe5d1b


Name Description

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