ServiceNow Change Create Version 1


Name Description
Number Change request number only if you want to specify to certain number
Requested By Id sys_id value of person requesting change
Category Category of the change request
Configuration Item Id The sys_id of the configuration item you wish to relate this change request to
Priority The priority of this change request
Risk The risk level of this change request
Impact The impact level of this change request
Short Description Short description of this change request
Description Full description of this change request
Approval Approval level for this change request
Type Set operation type
Assignment Group Id sys_id of assignment group
Assigned To Id User sys_id of the person this is assigned to

Sample Configration

Name Description
Requested By Id <%=@results['servicenow_user_retrieve_v1']['sys_id']%>
Category Software
Configuration Item Id 04a96c0d3790200044e0bfc8bcbe5db3
Priority 2 - High
Risk Very High
Impact 2 - Medium
Short Description Database write error
Description Database write error when updating user
Approval Approved
Type Emergency
Assignment Group Id <%=@results['servicenow_group_retrieve_v1']['sys_id']%>
Assigned To Id <%=@results['servicenow_user_retrieve_v1']['sys_id']%>


Name Description
sys_id The unique id representing the new change request

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