ServiceNow Attachment Create Version 1


Name Description
Table Name Name of the table to attach the file to.
Sys Id Sys_id of the record in the table specified in table_name that you want to attach the file to.
Attachment Input Type Choose Field if the input for the attachment info as a Field Name or choose JSON if the input is an attachment's JSON from the Get Attachment Info handler. Note that if Field is specified, the fields entered should only allow one attachment.
Attachment Field The Field Name of an attachment question to retrieve an attachment from.
Attachment JSON The JSON of an attachment object retrieved from the Get Attachment Info handler.
Submission ID The id of the CE submission containing the attachment.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Table Name incident
Sys Id dc2e1f6d2f762010210651072799b625
Attachment Input Type Field
Attachment Field Attachments
Submission ID <%=: @submission['Id'] %>
Attachment JSON


Name Description
Response Code The returned code from the Rest Call (Example: 200)
Response Body The returned value from the Rest Call (JSON format)
Handler Error Message A message containing a handler error is Error Handling set to 'error message'

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