Salesforce Opportunity Update Version 2

Updates a Salesforce Opportunity record when given an opportunity id and field/values to update. The first thing that the handler does is obtain an access token using the inputted info values, which is used to authenticate the rest of the calls that are made. The parameter inputs are then used to build an Opportunity object (only fields that are not empty are included in the object) which is sent to the Salesforce REST API to update the Opportunity with those non-empty values. If the update is successful, no results will be returned from the handler.

Where to find the Client ID, Client Secret, Security Token

  1. Go to Setup, which is in the dropdown menu under your name in the upper righthand corner.
  2. On the left sidebar, your Security Token can be found under Personal Setup > My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token.
  3. To get the Client ID and Client Secret, Navigate back to Setup and go to Manage Apps.
  4. Create a new Connected App, and fill in the basic information for the app.
  5. Check the Enable OAuth Settings checkbox and put https://auth for your callback url.
  6. Under selected OAuth scopes, add Access and manage your data (api) to your selected scopes and save.
  7. Your Client ID and Client Secret will be found on the app information page that you were redirected to upon saving.


Name Description
Opportunity Id The Id of the Salesforce Opportunity record that will be updated
Opportunity Name Sets the Opportunity Name field of the Opportunity record
Close Date Sets the Close Date field of the Opportunity record
Stage Sets the Stage field of the Opportunity record
Private Sets the Private field of the Opportunity record
Type Sets the Type field of the Opportunity record
Lead Source Sets the Lead Source field of the Opportunity record
Amount Sets the Amount field of the Opportunity record
Next Step Sets the Next Step field of the Opportunity record
Probability Sets the Probability field of the Opportunity record

Sample Configuration

Name Description
Opportunity Id 60H00000jtPC1QAM
Opportunity Name Complex Opportunity
Close Date 2017-09-15
Stage Prospecting
Private false
Type New Customer
Lead Source Web
Amount 15.00
Next Step Reach out to customer on phone
Probability 10.0


This handler does not return any results.


Salesforce Opportunity Update V2 (2017-09-11)

  • Due to Salesforce requiring TLS 1.2, this handler is only compatible with Task

  • 4.2.0 and above due to needing a ruby version greater than 2.0.0

  • Update Salesforce API version from v20.0 to v37.0

  • Updated to fully use the REST API (including authentication)

  • Add more logging while executing

Salesforce Opportunity Update V1 (2011-05-06)

  • Initial version. See README for details.

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