Salesforce Object Update Version 1

Updates a generic Salesforce object given a type, an id, and a JSON body. The first thing that the handler does is obtain an access token using the inputted info values, which is used to authenticate the rest of the calls that are made. The object type, id, and JSON body are then used to build a REST call that will be sent to Salesforce to update the object if it can be found. If an error is encountered it will be caught and re-raised, but if successful this handler will return empty results.

Finding Salesforce Objects and Fields

  • The SOAP API Documentation is the best way at this point to find the Salesforce standard objects and fields
    • Can be found here -
  • Going to Setup > Customize (under Build) > {Object Name} > Fields gets you a list of Field Labels/Names (this view should also show custom fields)
  • Lastly, doing an API retrieve of an already existing object of the type you want to create should show all of the fields available on the object (can use salesforceobjectretrieve to achieve this)

Where to find the Client ID, Client Secret, Security Token

  1. Go to Setup, which is in the dropdown menu under your name in the upper righthand corner.
  2. On the left sidebar, your Security Token can be found under Personal Setup > My Personal Information > Reset My Security Token.
  3. To get the Client ID and Client Secret, Navigate back to Setup and go to Manage Apps.
  4. Create a new Connected App, and fill in the basic information for the app.
  5. Check the Enable OAuth Settings checkbox and put https://auth for your callback url.
  6. Under selected OAuth scopes, add Access and manage your data (api) to your selected scopes and save.
  7. Your Client ID and Client Secret will be found on the app information page that you were redirected to upon saving.


Name Description
Type The type of object to update (ie. Account, Case, Opportunity, etc).
Id The Id of the Salesforce object that will be updated.
JSON Body A JSON object containing the fields and values that should be updated in the existing object.

Sample Configuration

Name Description
Type Opportunity
Id 60H00000jtPC1QAM
JSON Body {"Name": "Updated Name","Close Date": "2017-09-15"}


This handler does not return any results.


Salesforce Object Update V1 (2017-09-12)

  • Initial version. See README for details.

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