Rackspace Server Create Version 1

This handler creates a server from the Rackspace Cloud. After creating the Rackspace service, the gem searches for the image and flavor objects based on the names inputted as parameters. Once those objects are found, the call is sent to Rackspace to create the server. The handler then returns information about the server that was just created. Any errors that are encountered will be caught and re-raised by the handler.

Note: To find the Rackspace API Key, go to Account Settings and click 'show' next to the API Key label under Login Details.


Name Description
Rackspace Region The shortcut for the region which you wish to create this volume (ie. ord == Chicago).
Flavor Name The name of the performance flavor that you want to use (ie. 512MB Standard Instance).
Image Name The image name (or part of the image name) that you want the server to be based on. If more than one image matches the name provided, the first one found will be used.
Server Name The name of the the new server.

Sample Configuration

Name Description
Rackspace Region ord
Flavor Name 512MB Standard Instance
Image Name Fedora 18
Server Name Handler Test


Name Description
Server Id
Server Name
Image Id
Image Name
Flavor Id
Flavor Name
Flavor System Disk
Flavor CPUs


RackspaceServerCreate_V1 (2013-11-15)

  • Initial version. See README for details.

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