Azure VM Create Version 1


Name Description
Subscription ID The Azure Subscription ID.
VM Name The Name of the Virtual Machine to be started.
VM User The new user assigned to the virtual machine being created.
Password The password for the new users.
OS Type Operating System being used to create the VM. Value must be Windows or Linux.
Image Image being used to create the VM.
Location Location of the VM (ex: USGov Iowa).
Cloud Service Name Name of the cloud service.
VM Size Size of the VM being created.
Affinity Group Name Affinity group name.
Virtual Network Name Virtual network name.
Subnet Name Subnet name.
Availability Set Name Availability set name.
Endpoints Endpoints for the VM.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Subscription ID
VM Name
VM User
OS Type
Cloud Service Name
VM Size
Affinity Group Name
Virtual Network Name
Subnet Name
Availability Set Name


Name Description

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