Azure VM Create Version 1


Name Description
{name=Subscription ID, value=The Azure Subscription ID.}
{name=VM Name, value=The Name of the Virtual Machine to be started.}
{name=VM User, value=The new user assigned to the virtual machine being created.}
{name=Password, value=The password for the new users.}
{name=OS Type, value=Operating System being used to create the VM. Value must be Windows or Linux.}
{name=Image, value=Image being used to create the VM.}
{name=Location, value=Location of the VM (ex: USGov Iowa).}
{name=Cloud Service Name, value=Name of the cloud service.}
{name=VM Size, value=Size of the VM being created.}
{name=Affinity Group Name, value=Affinity group name.}
{name=Virtual Network Name, value=Virtual network name.}
{name=Subnet Name, value=Subnet name.}
{name=Availability Set Name, value=Availability set name.}
{name=Endpoints, value=Endpoints for the VM.}

Sample Configration

Name Description
{name=Subscription ID, value=}
{name=VM Name, value=}
{name=VM User, value=}
{name=Password, value=}
{name=OS Type, value=}
{name=Image, value=}
{name=Location, value=}
{name=Cloud Service Name, value=}
{name=VM Size, value=}
{name=Affinity Group Name, value=}
{name=Virtual Network Name, value=}
{name=Subnet Name, value=}
{name=Availability Set Name, value=}
{name=Endpoints, value=}


Name Description
{name=request_id, value=}

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