Mir3 Notification Send Version 1


Name Description
Title Notification title.
Description A notification description (that isn't visible to normal recipients).
Notification Method What type of notification method to use.
Message Message to send to the recipients.
Recipient Usernames (CSV) A comma separated list of usernames that will recieve the notification.
Response Options (CSV) A comma separated list of response options that will be sent to the recipients.
Broadcast Duration (Mins) The duration of the Broadcast or Bulletin Board notification in minutes.
Callout Success Total For a callout, the amount of people that need to response to consider the notification a success.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Title Sample Notification
Description A description that recipients can't see
Notification Method Broadcast
Message This is a sample broadcast notification
Recipient Usernames (CSV) marymanager.acme,dondemo.acme
Response Options (CSV) Option 1,Option 2
Broadcast Duration (Mins) 60
Callout Success Total


Name Description
Id Id of the newly created notification report

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