Mir3 Notification Report Recipients Retrieve Version 1


Name Description
Notification UUID The Id of the notification to retrieve the recipients for.
Query Type Filter the recipient report with one of the provided values.
Response Option UUID If the query type 'Response Option' is selected, the Id of the response option to query on.
Recipient UUID If query type 'Single Recipient' is selected, the Id of a recipient to query.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Notification UUID 03fa9eb2-0003-3000-80c0-fceb55463ffe
Query Type Single Recipient
Response Option UUID
Recipient UUID 020d5df8-0007-3000-80c0-fceb55463ffe


Name Description
Total Calls
Total Emails
Total Faxes
Total SMS
Total Pages
Total Mobile App Devices
Total Recipients
Answering Machine Connected Count
Answering Machine Disconnected Count
Answering Machine Undelievered Count
Busy Count
Network Busy Count
Hang Up Count
Hang Up Complete Count
Invalid Response Count
Left Message Count
No Answer Count
Not At This Location Count
Response Count
Wrong Address Count
Tdd Complete Count
Tdd Partial Count
Tdd Undelievered Count
Other Count
Blackberry Count
Recipients JSON

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