Kinetic Table Data Create Version 2

Saves the data from a json string created from an HTML table into a Remedy form for future reporting and/or processing. To see how to create the data to feed into this handler, please see the community article here:

Each row in the table will be saved as one record in this form. One result is the row count of the rows of data saved. The other is the instance IDs of the record for each row. This allows for looping through the rows without having to do a find handler if you want to loop through every row in the table.

The format of the XML of request IDs returned is:

000000000000001 000000000000002

The format of the XML of instance IDs returned is:

AG00505696001CJTKUQ8hIBgSCAE AG00505696001CJjKUQ5CDIBgSyAE</instanceid>

This handler can be used to store data for reporting. The Associated Request GUID (Originating ID) is a required field, but the Template Name and Instance ID are not. Note that this data may be required by your reporting process if you want to report on data by template, rather than just by individual record.


Name Description
JSON String: Serialized table data in JSON format
Table Name: Identifier for the table
Originating ID: Associated Request GUID
Template Name: The originating Request Template name.
Template Instance ID: The originating Request Template ID.

Sample Configuration

Name Description
JSON String:
Table Name:
Originating ID:
Template Name:
Template Instance ID:


Name Description
Table Data Request Id List An XML list of the data rows/records created.
Table Data Instance Id List An XML list of the data rows/records created.
Table Data Row Count The count of the number of data rows saved/records created.



  • Update dependencies.rb to only load JSON in Task 3 and below to make it

compatible with Task 4 and above

Kinetic Table Data Create V2 (2013-06-17)

  • Updated the returned request ID list to be XML

  • Added XML list of Instancd IDs to results

Kinetic Table Data Create V1

  • Initial version. See README for details.

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