Kinetic Request Submission Create Version 1


Name Description
Submitter of new request: The login id to open the new submission for.
Email: The email address of the person this opened for (if they will be receiving an email about it).
First Name: The first name of the person this should be logged under.
Last Name: The last name of the peson this should be logged under.
Message Template Name: The name of the message template to use for notification.
Template Catalog Name: The name of the catalog the request template belongs to.
Request Template Name: The name of the template to use for the new request.
Originating Form: If used, usually holds the template name of the originating submission.
Originating Id: The instance id to store in the Originating ID field.
Originating Id-Display: The field storing the Originating ID's KSR number.
Lookup Id: The instance id to store for lookup purposes, sometimes useful in nested parent-child relationships.
Notes For Customer: Text that can be displayed to customer (typically from the Service Catalog page). This is stored on the 'Customer Notes' field on the KS_SRV_CustomerSurvey_base form.
Initial Validation Status: Initial Validation status to include, if any.
Submission Type Should be Child if this is used for creating a Child request or left blank if a normal service request.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Originating Form:
Originating Id:
Originating Id-Display:
Lookup Id:
Notes For Customer:
Message Template Name:
Submission Type Child
Submitter of new request:
First Name:
Last Name:
Template Catalog Name:
Request Template Name:
Initial Validation Status:


Name Description
Instance Id Instance Id of the submission created
KSR KSR of the submission created

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