Kinetic Request CE Datastore Submission Retrieve Version 1


Name Description
Error Handling Determine what to return if an error is encountered.
Space Slug The Space the submission is being retrieved from (defaults to info value if not provided).
Retrieve By How to retrieve the submission. Id or Query.
Datastore Form Slug Slug of the form to query
Index The index to use for the search/retrieval
Query A query that will retrieve a single submission
Datastore Submission Id The id of the submission being retrieved.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Error Handling Error Message
Space Slug
Retrieve By Id
Datastore Form Slug cars
Datastore Submission Id 29f141f3-f00c-11e7-9a71-0506559f5412


Name Description
Handler Error Message Error message if an error was encountered and Error Handling is set to "Error Message".
ID ID of the submission that was entered.
Label Label of the submission.
Handle Handle of the submission.
Core State Status: Draft, Submitted, or Closed.
Current Page Name of the current page.
Submitted At Submitted Date/Time
Submitted By The submitter's User ID
Updated At Closed Date/Time
Updated By User ID for Last Updated
Created At Created Date/Time
Created By User ID that created the submission
Form Description Description on the submission's form
Form Name Name of the submission's form
Form Notes Notes on the submission's form
Form Slug Slug of the submission's form
Form Status Status of the submission's form
Values JSON A JSON representation of the values found on the submission

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