Kinetic Helper Record Retrieve Version 2


Name Description
Request ID Enter the Request ID, stored in Request ID of the KS_SRV_Helper form

Sample Configration

Name Description
Request ID


Name Description
Character Field1
Character Field2
Character Field3
Character Field4
Character Field5
Character Field6
Character Field7
Character Field8
Character Field9
Character Field10
Character Field11
Character Field12
Character Field13
Character Field14
Integer Field1
Integer Field2
Integer Field3
Integer Field4
Integer Field5
Integer Field6
Date Field1
Date Field2
Date Field3
Date Field4
Date Field5
Date Field6
Date Field7
Date/Time Field1
Date/Time Field2
Date/Time Field3
Date/Time Field4
Date/Time Field5
Date/Time Field6
Date/Time Field7
Time Field1
Time Field2
Time Field3
Time Field4
Time Field5
Time Field6
Time Field7
Index Field1
Index Field2
Index Field3

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