HPSM Incident Activity Add Version 1

This handler makes a SOAP call (using Savon) to the HP Service Manager Web Services to add an activity update to a new HPSM Incident. After Savon is configured with your HPSM server, a hash is made containing the incident id and the activity update that you wish to send. That hash is then converted into an XML string and sent to HPSM to update the incident. Any messages that were caused by the request and the id of the updated incident will be returned by the handler upon success. If there are any errors, the handler will raise an exception which will contain any messages that HPSM returned about the error.


Name Description
Incident Id The id of the incident you wish to update.
Activity Update The update you want to add to the incident.

Sample Configuration

Name Description
Incident Id IM10147
Activity Update Computer only freezes on days that end with 'y'


Name Description
Incident Id


HpbsmIncidentActivityAddV1 (2014-01-13)

  • Initial version. See README for details.

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