GitLab Webhook Create Version 1


Name Description
Project Group Path of the group where the project is located (defaults to the GitLab default group if not provided).
Project Path Path of the project where the branch should be created.
URL URL for the webhook.
Secret Token Secret Token for the webhook (send with the webhook request in the X-Gitlab-Token header).
Enable SSL Verification Do SSL verification when the webhook is triggered ('true' or 'false').
Trigger Events A comma separated list of events that will trigger the webhook. Options are: 'push','issues','merge','tag_push','note','job','pipeline','wiki'.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Project Group super-secret-group
Project Path test-project
Secret Token 123456789
Enable SSL Verification false
Trigger Events push,merge


Name Description
Webhook Id If the webhook was successfully created, the id of the newly created webhook.

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