Cherwell Object Attachment Upload Version 1


Name Description
{name=Object Name, value=Readable name of the object type to upload an attachment to (ie. Incident).}
{name=Object Id, value=Id of the object that the attachment will be uploaded to.}
{name=Attachment Space Slug, value=Slug for the Attachment's Request CE space.}
{name=Attachment Submission Id, value=Id for the Attachment's Request CE submission.}
{name=Attachment Field Name, value=Name for the Attachment's field label.}

Sample Configration

Name Description
{name=Object Name, value=Incident}
{name=Object Id, value=9434ec6c52d4319c9ea769414f8b6740b9b562e54b}
{name=Attachment Space Slug, value=internal}
{name=Attachment Submission Id, value=e7b32620-2183-11e8-b8f5-b18678c1c358}
{name=Attachment Field Name, value=Attachment}


Name Description
{name=Attachment Ids, value=A comma separated list of attachment ids that are generated for each object uploaded as an attachment. }

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