Cherwell Object Attachment Upload Version 1


Name Description
Object Name Readable name of the object type to upload an attachment to (ie. Incident).
Object Id Id of the object that the attachment will be uploaded to.
Attachment Space Slug Slug for the Attachment's Request CE space.
Attachment Submission Id Id for the Attachment's Request CE submission.
Attachment Field Name Name for the Attachment's field label.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Object Name Incident
Object Id 9434ec6c52d4319c9ea769414f8b6740b9b562e54b
Attachment Space Slug internal
Attachment Submission Id e7b32620-2183-11e8-b8f5-b18678c1c358
Attachment Field Name Attachment


Name Description
Attachment Ids A comma separated list of attachment ids that are generated for each object uploaded as an attachment.

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