Remedy Group list Users Version 1

The User form in Remedy is used to track all Users and their permissions. This handler allows you to update the fields listed above with new values, blank values (represented by the keyword 'nil') or to leave the values alone (no answer passed as a parameter). Radio button options are validated in the handler before being applied. It is intended that the service item will limit the choices poosible. If an invalid choice is passed, an exception is raised.


Name Description
Group Name: The lookup value for the group to find.

Sample Configuration

Name Description
Group Name:


Name Description
User List


BMCRemedyUserUpdateV1 (2010-01-26)

  • Initial version. See README for details.

Related Handlers

ARS9 Generic Query Retrieve
Retrieves a single ARS v9.x entry related to the Remedy Form specified.
BMC Remedy Email HTML Message Create
Creates an email message on the AR System Email Messages form
BMC Remedy User Update
Updates an entry in the User form based on the Remedy Login ID
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Retrieves request IDs (field 1) and Instance IDs (field 179) for Remedy entries for the form entered using the query specified.
Remedy Generic Update
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Remedy User add Group
Adds a group to an existing user. Throws exception if User does not exist, also if group does not exist.
Remedy User Create
Creates a User in the User form - Login Name must be unique.
Remedy User list Groups
Lists groups for given User. Throws exception if User does not exist.
Remedy User Remove Group
Rmoves a group from an existing user. Throws exception if User does not exist, also if group does not exist.