BMC ITSM9 Support Group Membership Remove Version 1


Name Description
{name=Error Handling, value=Determine what to return if an error is encountered.}
{name=Member Login Id, value=The new member login id}
{name=ITSM Support Company, value=The ITSM Support Company to Add person to}
{name=ITSM Support Org, value=The ITSM Support Org to Add person to}
{name=ITSM Support Group Name, value=The ITSM Support Group name to Add person to}

Sample Configration

Name Description
{name=Error Handling, value=Raise Error}
{name=ITSM Support Company, value=My Company}
{name=ITSM Support Org, value=This Org}
{name=ITSM Support Group Name, value=My Group}
{name=Member Login Id, value=}


Name Description
{name=Handler Error Message, value=Error, if one is found }
{name=Result, value=Json result of the update }

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