BMC ITSM8 Assoc to Change Request Create Version 1


Name Description
{name=Dataset ID, value=The Dataset ID, usually BMC.ASSET}
{name=Lookup Keyword, value=The lookup keyword the item (for CMDB relationships, the ClassID ex: BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM)}
{name=Form Name 01, value=Form Name 01 (for CMDB relationships, the Asset form name, ex: AST:ComputerSystem}
{name=Form Name 02, value=Form Name 02 (the change form name, ex: CHG:Infrastructure Change)}
{name=Related Item ReconID, value=Reconciliation ID of the item being related}
{name=Change Request Number, value=CRQ Number}
{name=Related Item Name, value=Related item name (i.e., server name)}
{name=Association Type, value=Association type (ex: 'Related to')}
{name=Request Type, value=Request Type (ex: 'Configuration Item')}

Sample Configration

Name Description
{name=Dataset ID, value=BMC.ASSET}
{name=Lookup Keyword, value=BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM}
{name=Form Name 01, value=AST:ComputerSystem}
{name=Form Name 02, value=CHG:Infrastructure Change}
{name=Related Item ReconID, value=RE005054661F4Us1NYA8XgpDab}
{name=Change Request Number, value=CRQ000000012352}
{name=Related Item Name, value=WinBlade123}
{name=Association Type, value=Related to}
{name=Request Type, value=Configuration Item}


Name Description
{name=CHG:Associations Entry ID, value=The Request ID of the CHG:Associations record that was created. }

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