BMC ITSM8 Associations to Asset Create Version 1


Name Description
Consolidated Status Consolidated Status (status of Form Name01 record, Ex Executed for Contract, Scheduled for Change, etc)
Form Name01 Form Name01 (Ex: CTR:MasterContract, HPD:Help Desk, CHG:Infrastructure Change)
Form Name02 Form Name02 (Ex: AST:ComputerSystem)
Form Name01 ID INC ID, Change ID, The contract's instance ID, etc
Asset Reconciliation ID The asset's reconciliation identity
Form Name01 Desciption INC ID: Summary, Change ID: Summary, Contract Name, etc
Association Type Association type
Request Type Request Type (Ex. Contract, Infrastructure Change, Incident, etc)
Lookup Keyword Lookup Keyword relates (Class ID of the Asset - ex: MAINCHANGE, MAINHELPDESK, BMC_COMPUTERSYSTEM, not required on contract relationships)
Parent Dataset ID Parent DataSetID (most likely BMC.ASSET, not used on contract relationships)

Sample Configration

Name Description
Consolidated Status Scheduled
Form Name01 CHG:Infrastructure Change
Form Name02 AST:ComputerSystem
Form Name01 ID CRQ000000012352
Asset Reconciliation ID RE005054661F4Us1NYA8XgpDab
Form Name01 Desciption CRQ000000012352: Install Windows 7 Patches
Association Type Attached to
Request Type Infrastructure Change
Lookup Keyword MAINCHANGE
Parent Dataset ID BMC.ASSET


Name Description
AST:CMDB Associations Entry ID The Request ID of the AST:CMDB Associations record that was created.

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