BMC ITSM8 Asset to Contract Assoc Create Version 1


Name Description
{name=Parent Form Name, value=The value for the 'Parent Form Name' field. Ex: AST:ComputerSystem}
{name=Parent Instance ID, value=Reconciliation ID of the asset.}
{name=Parent Relationship Type, value=Parent Relationship Type}
{name=Parent Description, value=The Asset Name}
{name=Child Form Name, value=The child form name}
{name=Child Instance ID, value=Contract Instance ID}
{name=Child Relationship Type, value=Child relationship type}
{name=Child Description, value=Contract name}

Sample Configration

Name Description
{name=Parent Form Name, value=AST:ComputerSystem}
{name=Parent Instance ID, value=RE01g23b4f13dgG23h54350f1}
{name=Parent Relationship Type, value=Configuration Item}
{name=Parent Description, value=Adobe Pro}
{name=Child Form Name, value=CTR:MasterContract}
{name=Child Instance ID, value=CTR000000013948}
{name=Child Relationship Type, value=Contract}
{name=Child Description, value=1 Year Term}


Name Description
{name=CTR:Contract_Relationship Entry ID, value=The Request ID of the CTR:Contract_Relationship record that was created. }

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