BMC ITSM8 Asset to Contract Assoc Create Version 1


Name Description
Parent Form Name The value for the 'Parent Form Name' field. Ex: AST:ComputerSystem
Parent Instance ID Reconciliation ID of the asset.
Parent Relationship Type Parent Relationship Type
Parent Description The Asset Name
Child Form Name The child form name
Child Instance ID Contract Instance ID
Child Relationship Type Child relationship type
Child Description Contract name

Sample Configration

Name Description
Parent Form Name AST:ComputerSystem
Parent Instance ID RE01g23b4f13dgG23h54350f1
Parent Relationship Type Configuration Item
Parent Description Adobe Pro
Child Form Name CTR:MasterContract
Child Instance ID CTR000000013948
Child Relationship Type Contract
Child Description 1 Year Term


Name Description
CTR:Contract_Relationship Entry ID The Request ID of the CTR:Contract_Relationship record that was created.

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