BMC ITSM7 Person Create Version 1


Name Description
Remedy Login ID: The Remedy Login ID associated to the CTM People record to create.
First Name: The First Name to set
Last Name: The Last Name to set
Middle Name: The Middle Name/Initial to set, Optional
Client Type: The Client Type to set, often 'Office-Based Employee' or 'Contractor' or 'Customer'. Must be valid option of menu.
Client Sensitivity: The Client Sensitivity to set. Either Standard or Sensitive.
VIP: The VIP value to set. Yes or No
Author: The author of the creation to the person record.
Company: The Company to set
Organization: The Organization to set
Department: The Department to set
Email Address: The email address to set
Region: The region to set
Site Group: The site group to set
Site: The site to set
CC Business: The phone number country code to set
Area Code Business: The phone number area code to set
Local Part Business Phone: The phone number local part to set
Business Phone: The phone number (put together) to set
Language The language to set (ex. en_US, fr_FR)

Sample Configration

Name Description
Language <%=@answers['New Language']%>
Remedy Login ID:
First Name:
Last Name:
Middle Name:
Client Type:
Client Sensitivity:
Email Address:
Site Group:
CC Business:
Area Code Business:
Local Part Business Phone:
Business Phone:


Name Description
Person ID

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