BMC ITSM7 Group Membership Lookup Version 1


Name Description
{name=Assignee Login Id, value=The assignee login id to get the email address for}
{name=ITSM Support Group, value=The ITSM Support Group id to return email addresses for}

Sample Configration

Name Description
{name=Assignee Login Id, value=}
{name=ITSM Support Group, value=}


Name Description
{name=Remedy Login ID, value=}
{name=Email, value=}
{name=First Name, value=}
{name=Middle Initial, value=}
{name=Last Name, value=}
{name=Job Title, value=}
{name=Nick Name, value=}
{name=Corporate ID, value=}
{name=Profile Status, value=}
{name=Contact Type, value=}
{name=Client Sensitivity, value=}
{name=VIP, value=}
{name=Support Staff, value=}
{name=Assignment Availability, value=}
{name=Company, value=}
{name=Organization, value=}
{name=Department, value=}
{name=Region, value=}
{name=Site Group, value=}
{name=Site, value=}
{name=Desk Location, value=}
{name=Mail Station, value=}
{name=Phone Number Business, value=}
{name=Phone Number Mobile, value=}
{name=Phone Number Fax, value=}
{name=Phone Number Pager, value=}
{name=ACD Phone Num, value=}
{name=Corporate E-Mail, value=}
{name=Accounting Number, value=}
{name=ManagersName, value=}
{name=ManagerLoginID, value=}
{name=Cost Center Code, value=}
{name=Email List, value=}

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