BMC ITSM7 Approval Approve Version 1


Name Description
{name=Approver, value=The approver the handler should log in as. This should be the approver for approvers and the alternate if an alternate is approving.}
{name=Approval Record ID, value=The unique ID (field 1) for the Approval Detail-Signatre Record to be approved}
{name=Approval Status, value=Whether the approval was approved or rejected. Valid Values: Approved, Rejected, Hold, More Information, Cancelled}
{name=Approval Comments, value=Any comments provided.}

Sample Configration

Name Description
{name=Approver, value=Demo}
{name=Approval Record ID, value=000000000000025|000000000000023}
{name=Approval Status, value=Approved}
{name=Approval Comments, value=}


Name Description
{name=Date Approved, value=The Date/Time that the Approval was submitted. }

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