AWS IAM Create Policy Version 1


Name Description
Policy Name The name of the policy document.
Path The path for the policy.
Policy Document The policy document.
Description A friendly description of the policy.

Sample Configration

Name Description
Policy Name Dev_Policy
Path /directory
Policy Document iam_policy
Description This a a sample description for an IAM policy.


Name Description
Policy Name Policy name of the policy you just created.
Policy ID ID of the policy you just made.
Policy ARN ARN of the policy you just created.
Policy Path Policy path for the policy that you just created.
Policy Default Version ID Version ID created for policy.
Policy Attachment Count Count of attachments to policy.
Policy Is Attachable Boolean value for whether or not the policy will accept attachments.
Policy Description Description of the policy created.
Policy Create Date Date you created the policy.
Policy Update Date Date policy was last updated.

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