AWS EC2 Image Retrieve Version 1


Name Description
Image ID The image id of the EC2 image that this handler will retrieve details about

Sample Configration

Name Description
Image ID <%= @answers['Image ID'] %>


Name Description
Image Location The location of the AMI.
Image State Current state of the AMI. If the operation returns available, the image is successfully registered and available for launching.
Owner Id AWS account ID of the image owner.
Architecture The architecture of the image.
Image Type The type of image (machine, kernel, or RAM disk).
Kernel Id The kernel associated with the image, if any. Only applicable for machine images.
Image Owner Alias The AWS account alias (e.g., amazon, self, etc.) or AWS account ID that owns the AMI.
Name The name of the AMI that was provided during image creation.
Description The description of the AMI that was provided during image creation.
Virtualization Type The type of virtualization of the AMI.
Tag Set Tags assigned to the resource. Each tag's information is wrapped in an item element.
Is Public

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