Efficiently Grow Partner Revenue

Simplify and streamline processes for your valued channel partners by providing them with one centralized communications portal, accessible any time from any device, where they can find everything they need to stay informed, complete tasks, and more effectively promote and sell your products.

Automate fulfillment of partner requests. Update them on request status. Enable your channel management team to spend their time on strategic, higher value-added activities—and your partners to focus on selling—rather than chasing information and getting bogged down in mundane, manual tasks.

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What are Smarter Partner Experiences?
Better channel partner experiences are delivered by a smart partner portal, a single pane of glass where partners can find any resources they need, get questions answered, submit requests, and complete routine tasks.
Partners get a simple, consumer-like experience. There’s no need to provide training or “how to use” support, because the web interface is intuitive, clear, and straightforward. The smart portal presents all of the information and resources partners need, plus the ability to collaborate and submit requests.

Benefits of a Smarter Partner Experience


Reduce Friction

Partners get a single, simple, centralized smart portal where they can access the latest product collateral, price lists, logos, product photos, messaging, sales letters, use cases, testimonials, new product announcements, and beta programs. Much more than a digital asset management (DAM) system, the portal ties into multiple back-end systems enabling partners to complete tasks (such as warranty or lead registration) and communicate with your team.

Reduce Costs

By centralizing and automating workflows, the smart partner portal reduces the need for manual efforts, multiple communication paths (email, phone calls, IM), manual touch points, and re-keying data into multiple systems. All of this increases efficiency and decreases costs.

Lose The Wait

Giving partners a single place to find any type of information or resource means they get immediate answers. It eliminates communication delays, so your channel partners can in turn be more responsive to their customers.

Make Channel Partners More Successful

Eliminating delays, manual tasks, repetitive communications, and the need to chase down information gives your partners more time to focus on selling and customer service—improving their business outcomes and yours.

How Kinetic Data Helps You Deliver a Smarter Partner Experience
With the Kinetic Platform, you can build a centralized partner portal providing access to complete and current sales resources while managing requests and processes from simple to complex. There’s no need to develop everything at once; you can start small with a few commonly requested resources and expand capabilities incrementally over time.


Finding anything from part numbers to prices to product specifications is as easy as using Google. No matter what type of sales resources a partner needs or what requests they have, they start with a Kinetic Data experience.

We don’t replace the systems of record you already have in place. We make them work better, together. You get a higher return on the investments you’ve already made, without the expense and disruption of a rip-and-replace project.

When you have a workflow process where data needs to be pulled from your CRM platform and put into your ERP system so that a task can be completed in one of your finance applications—connecting multiple systems and data moves—that’s what the Kinetic Platform excels at. 

We combine logic (a smart portal) plus workflow (automating tasks and approvals with intelligent routing) plus integrations (mapping together complex systems) to improve the partner experience.

You can assign security based on specific roles as well as partners so that each individual can see and do only what they need. Providing limited and specific access enables partners to change data where permitted (e.g., adding a new contact to an existing customer record) without giving them direct access into back-end systems.

You have complete control over the look and feel of your smart partner portal, from your company logo to fonts, colors, and icons. You can even personalize the look of the interface based on the partner ID. It’s your business process, your way.

Low-code tools inevitably box you in with their limitations. The Kinetic Platform combines low-code, drag-and-drop functionality for building workflows with pro-code capabilities to get enterprise architects that last mile, to customize and configure that last 20% for exactly what’s needed, simple or complex.

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