Kinetic Data Launches Socialized Business Trends Dashboard

Kinetic Info enables managers to view, share, discuss, and archive key business service delivery metrics and trends

ST. PAUL, Minn. (October 1, 2013) — For managers of shared services business functions such as IT and human resources, insight into how effective their business service delivery processes are is critical. The problem is that current tools are overwhelming and separate the business decisions from the supporting data, leaving customers wondering why things were done in the past.

To meet the need for easy-to-understand business service request process metrics that can be effortlessly shared, Kinetic Data today launched its cloud application, Kinetic Info, at the World Wide Remedy Users Group conference. Kinetic Info is a social dashboard of key service delivery metrics and trends that provides clear information and the ability to socialize insights for making improvements to business processes.

"Kinetic Info gives managers and teams the information they need to make smart business decisions. Charts present the data in context with historical information, making it easy to spot trends," said John Sundberg, president of Kinetic Data. "Then team members can view and discuss just their most vital key service performance metrics in real time without unnecessary complexity or training."

Kinetic Info offers numerous social functions to facilitate collaboration among managers and team members. For instance, any user can comment on or ask questions about any chart, and all group members are notified by email of new comments and can respond directly. Kinetic Info then attaches the comments to the document to provide perspective. All discussions are archived and retrievable within Kinetic Info at any time.

To enable users to easily spot trends, Kinetic Info displays pre-defined key performance indicators structured for each customer. Information from virtually any enterprise data source is shown in charts that are displayed in context with prior comparisons for trending, and they combine current metrics with historical data.

With Kinetic Info’s tracking of key service performance metrics, data can be automatically extracted on a predetermined schedule, and easy-to-set-up data generators can be configured to collect data on a pre-defined schedule from any enterprise data source. Kinetic Info then instantly updates graphs with each new data extract.

"Kinetic Info quickly and easily integrates with the way that companies already do business and it provides visibility into a company’s enterprise request management strategy," said Sundberg. "Socializing the data, and recording business decisions along with the data, is going to change how people think about business."

Kinetic Info can be purchased by contacting Kinetic Data at (651) 556-1030 or

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