Kinetic Data to Showcase New Fulfillment Software at BMC Engage 2015

Kinetic Fulfillment enhances capabilities of Kinetic Request with end-to-end request management, automation and fulfillment

ST. PAUL, Minn. (August 31, 2015) — Many organizations use rigid and overly complex fulfillment systems that make it cumbersome for employees to manage service request fulfillment. With Kinetic Fulfillment, new software from enterprise request management software company Kinetic Data, companies have an easier, more efficient way to manage service delivery.

Kinetic Fulfillment gives companies, government agencies and service providers the ability to more easily manage the fulfillment process of a request after it’s submitted using Kinetic Request. This improves service accuracy and quality, reduces manual efforts and attendant service delivery costs, and accelerates fulfillment for the end user.

Kinetic Fulfillment is the company’s newest application and will be unveiled at BMC Engage 2015 at the Aria in Las Vegas on September 8.

"Companies need more agile ways of handling fulfillments," said Kelly Heikkila, Kinetic Data’s director of products. "Using monolithic and overly generic systems to try to handle everything leads to a mess in terms of training, maintenance and user experience. What we’ve created with Kinetic Fulfillment is a nimble, targeted and contextual experience relevant to the type of order being fulfilled."

Kinetic Fulfillment is the delivery back-end to the Kinetic Request portal front end. It utilizes simple forms and an intuitive interface with powerful workflow capabilities in an automation-friendly manner.

It starts with simple forms that ask only for relevant information. Kinetic Fulfillment has full data validation and dynamic branching capability to ask new questions based on the input from previous fields. The tool is optimized for the task performer. It has access via desktop or mobile web, as well as iOS and Android apps.

Kinetic Fulfillment provides powerful workflow functionality: each work order has a specific goal, and work orders can be chained together to accomplish a complex fulfillment process. Validated data supports task automation.

Kinetic Fulfillment is a self-contained Kinetic application (KAPP) built upon the Kinetic Request platform. KAPPs extend the capabilities of existing Kinetic Data products with the same flexibility and ease of use. Kinetic Data will be releasing more KAPPs soon as part of its “Platform for Success” commitment unveiled at this year’s Kinetic Enthusiasts Group event.

About Kinetic Data(
Kinetic Data has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 and government customers—including General Mills, Avon, Intel, 3M and the U.S. Department of Transportation—implement integrated workflow systems, including enterprise request management (ERM) systems with centralized portals. Kinetic Data has been recognized with numerous awards for its superior products and support. The company serves customers from its headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., offices in Sydney, Australia, and through a network of reseller partners. For more information, visit


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